Change of Address Guide for Customers moving home

We recognise that moving home can be stressful and increasingly nowadays an internet connection plays an important part when organising this, both before and after moving home. Our guide below is aimed to help customers understand the costs and timescales involved when arranging broadband for your new home.
A straightforward change of address is processed free of charge. However, if we need to install a new telephone line for you it will only cost £39.95 subject to an 18 month agreement.

Firstly call our UK customer services with details of your new address so that they can run checks and assess your specific circumstances. Call us with as much notice as possible on 01923 709 709 and press option 3, ideally 2 weeks prior to the move as it can take 5 to 10 working days to activate broadband on a telephone line. Having determined what is possible given your specific requirements our advisor will explain costs, if any, and take your instruction to proceed. If there are any costs associated with the move we will simply add them to your next monthly bill.

Guide to what is possible and associated costs

Active telephone line at my new home
we will arrange the transfer of the telephone line to complete on the day you move in. Broadband can be active the same day in many instances, at worst 7 days later, and our team will advise you accordingly.

No telephone line at my new home
£39.95 to install a new telephone line on an 18 month agreement. It typically takes two weeks to book in an engineer to carry out the installation. This can take longer, especially in areas of the country that has been affected by severe storms and flooding as Openreach will give priority to repairs.

Keep my telephone number
, if moving to a home with the same telephone exchange. If moving out of the exchange area we can arrange call forwarding if desired but this is a service more suited to businesses.

Cannot commit to an 18 month agreement
No problem, we have a variety of options.
Installing a new telephone line
18 month agreement £39.95
6 month agreement £69.95
28 day agreement £118.00

Not a Direct Save Telecom customer
Not a problem, we can still arrange everything for you whilst switching you to one of our great value deals.