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Direct Save Telecom Call Barring
Bar outgoing or incoming calls whenever you like. Lets you prevent unauthorised calls and specific call types
(such as 09 numbers, but not 999 emergency).

£3.15 £5.50 43%
Direct Save Telecom Call Divert
Choose to have calls diverted to another number anywhere.
£4.05 £5.50 26%
Direct Save Telecom Call Sign
Identify different call types with an alternative ring tone.
£3.15 £5.50 43%
Direct Save Telecom Ring Back
When a called busy line becomes free your line automatically rings the number.
£3.15 £5.50 43%
Direct Save Telecom Call Waiting
Hear a gentle beep to tell you another call is coming in.
£4.05 £5.50 26%
Direct Save Telecom 3 Way Calling
For each part of the three way call dialled, the end user will be charged normal rates.
£3.15 £5.50 43%
Direct Save Telecom Call Minder Standard
Answer 1571, with the additional advantage of remote access.
£4.05 £5.50 26%
Direct Save Telecom Choose to Refuse
Enables a customer to bar the telephone number of the last incoming call.
£3.51 £5.50 36%
Direct Save Telecom Call Protect
Call Protect provides you with Anonymous Call Rejection with FREE Caller Display.
Anonymous Call Rejection will reject an inbound call if the caller withholds their number.
They will only be able to get through to you if they then reveal their number before redialling you. Combined with our FREE Caller Display, it will allow you to see the number calling you before you answer the call.
Anonymous Call Rejection will not bar inbound calls where the callers number cannot be revealed, this is particularly useful because sometimes an inbound international call may not be able to reveal the number of the person calling you.
£5.20 £6.50 20%
Direct Save Telecom 1471
Get the last number of someone who called you.
You don't need to add this as it's already on your telephone line.
FREE   no saving
Direct Save Telecom 1571
This service takes messages when there is no reply or your line is engaged.
£4.05 £3.50 no saving