Broadband Speeds

What does "up to" broadband speed mean to me - most exchanges have ADSL2+ equipment that deliver a maximum speed of 24Mb service which has an average of 11Mb speed for at least 50% of our customers. The speed you get depends on your line distance from the exchange and quality of the line. We will not do anything to restrict your speeds, use the broadband availability checker above to find out what broadband speed you can expect. The typical speed for at least 10% of our customers is up to 17Mb.
Increasingly exchanges and cabinets are being upgraded to Fibre to the Cabinet (fttc or superfast fibre broadband). This will deliver up to 80Mb Fibre speeds, fibre to the cabinet is usually sold in two speed options 38Mb & 76Mb.
If ADSL2+ is available at your exchange then that is the service we will put you on unless yu have ordered fibre broadband and fibre is available.
If ADSL2+ is not available will we place your order on ADSLMax (up to 8Mb) and in a small number of exchanges where ADSL2+ or ADSLMax is unavailable we will then place you on the ADSL (1Mb or 2Mb) service.

Non Contract Unlimited Broadband - this is our best value non contract totally unlimited broadband package, up to 17Mb, and will satisfy the needs of the vast majority of home broadband users in the UK. Free UK calls to 01, 02 & 030 numbers plus totally unlimited broadband usage. With the increasing use of BBC iPlayer, ITV Player and other data streaming products this product represents great value.

Broadband Deal - this is our 12 month totally unlimited broadband deal - at only £18.95 per month this is the UK's best value totally unlimited broadband deal. Same price every month.

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